Adventures with Windows

I'm participating in Introduction to Game Programming -course and in this time games must be made with C# and XNA. I had troubles with building Mono so I had to use Windows. For my luck, I got new EEEPC, because I'm tutoring. I made it dual boot Windows XP and Ubuntu.

There is still time to create actual game and I'm not yet in some group with whom I'm supposed to create that game. However it is still plenty of time for that. Meanwhile I'm configuring Windows so it is a little bit more usable. I'm so in with tiling window managers, so I need to find a good replacement for Xmonad in Windows environment. Xmonad isn't ported in Windows :( However I tested before HashTwm, but the version, which contains functionality I'm looking for, is still in beta phase, which makes a big headache. So I looked for something else and found bug.n.

Bug.n contains some autohotkey-scripts, which makes all the magic. At first I tested latest stable binary version, because I didn't have installed autohotkey compiler. It was more than I expected from tiling window manager for Windows. It had many functionality from Awesome. However I didn't like the default colours and I really wanted to see also battery state in bar. So I installed autohotkey compiler, modified the configure script and got very good result. That was only the beginning, because I also wanted to change some of the keybindings. At finally I got a result, which I was pleased.

I did some basic modifications also for windows registers and other properties to get a pleased experience with Windows. Focus follows the mouse was one of those modifications. However the usability is a little bit of sticky after so many improvements, but it isn't bad.


  1. Hey I have also started using bug.n on windows... Can you post the mods you did for this? I am also looking xmonad-isk key bindings to bug.n..

    The thing I miss most is the border coloring to windows which indicate where is focus.


  2. I modified one of the autohotkey scripts, where was all keyboard shortcuts. I'm not sure, if it can be done some more elegant way in own configuration file.