Now I have own company

I just registered own company. It is WebDesign Sami Saada. The company offers different kind of web solutions for other companies, communities and for personnels. This has been my dream for many years. Now I have merged my hobby and job. This is like dream job. I also continue working in Lohjan Liikuntakeskus Oy. I need to make some deals with insurance companies. I'm designing poster and some advertisements. My company officially starts in 1st March, but I can make business right now.

I need to find a flat in Helsinki and I want to have it close the Kumpula campus. I have time to search that, but they are so rare. But first I need to confirm my place in University. My lives goes fine, but I'm a bit lonely. Maybe that will be fixed later.


I was a teacher

My old math teacher was sick on last week, so I was teaching her class. I taugh math and physics. I got most of my memory back to work. I even learned some subjects better than by own classes. Thermodynamic wasn't my best area in physics, but now I remember the most importat formulas of thermodynamic.

I also saw a hillarious video in Youtube. It was about Southpark guys playing WoW. It was a full episode, but it seems that the video isn't available anymore. However there are many short clips from it.

I might start own company, but I don't know the time when to do that. I need to think what kind of logo I make and check the business idea, which products I produce and through that I might need to re-think the name too.