Open Source on my Mind

Yesterday I was translating one open source project called IEs4Linux. It provides Internet Explorer for Linux, which is very handy for me and other web designers. I think that I'm the only Finnish translator of IEs4Linux in these days, so my “works” can be seen in Category:Fi. It is a big pleasure to do something for open source. I start by translating and one day I start to code for them. I might even start an own project. If some of you got interested in that, just inform me and we can plan together. I try to be open mind and use open source as much as possible. People should use open software more than they use now. Some of you might already used one or more open source softwares. Some of you have had troubles with them. Most important thing in the situation like that is to inform the developers. Feedback is very important for developers to make them softwares better.

I had such a wonderful day. Like I told I helped with one open source project, but I met some of my friends. We went out and had some valuable time together. We talked what is going on. We also rented a movie, which wasn't an ordinary movie, but I liked it. I hope that my friends also liked it. I tried to publish this article on 27th day, but I watched Clint Eastwood's movie Space Cowboys. I must go soon to sleep, so this is what I write tonight. I'm sorry that I didn't stay on original plan, which was that I would write on every evening. You can see on Atom feed, when I have new articles. Use that feature, it is very handy.

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