Multimedia on my Laptop

Today I was shopping with my parents. I bought new headset to my laptop, Logitech Internet Chat Headset. Headset has good quality of sound. It has clear and strong voice, when talk with Skype. I also got finally sounds working on Skype. I used instructions from Skype. I also needed reinstall my sound drivers, but it was easy installation, because of Google.

Like I told yesterday, I got my Xgl/Beryl installed. Today I have pictures from it. I have adjusted transparency and some other effects too, so I don't have out-of-box Beryl. I have an Emerald theme, which is very close or same than the default theme of Ubuntu, the Human-theme.

Tomorrow I go to my old school to teach mathematics and chemistry, because there is a teacher absent. I was there on last spring too. I hope that this time it will go much better that last time. At last time we played Hangman and watched Lord of the Ring: Return of King. Now I have change to show my mathematical skills, which is on rust after army. I need to look what subject they have done and that is easy, because my little brother has same teacher as I go to replace for one day. Unfortunately or more likely my brother doesn't have math or chemistry on Tuesday

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