More about Beryl and something about You Tube

Finally I installed Xgl/Beryl on my laptop. Beryl Project provides older version to Dapper than Edgy due the restrictions in basic packages. In the older of Beryl are not so much options to configure. I can't configure my laptop looking so awesome like my PC. I though that my laptop wont run Beryl, but it runs very smooth. It is nice to do some work with it. I also discovered that I can't watch videos with Xgl, because the quality will suffer. I just start bare Gnome, when want to watch them. Not a big deal, but I hope that it will be fixed later for Linux sake.
Beryl on Laptop

I found funny videos from You Tube. HQWolf - Real life Enemy Territory is very funny for ET players. I also found one video about using of Beryl. It is very nice configured and beautiful too. Today I nearly forgot to write on blog and Blogspot was down with Blogger. I hope that my life will become more excite so I have more different kind of subject which to write.

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