I have done some work today

I have done some work today like two feedback forms, one for Lohjan Liikuntakeskus Oy and another one for Neidonkeidas. Neidonkeidas is very good modern swim hall in Lohja, it is owned by Lohjan Liikuntakeskus Oy.

I also watched videos in You Tube. I found awesome videos about Xgl and Beryl. Some of you might annoy, when I mention them in every blog. I'm not trying to make you jealous by talking about them and how I get the system working and some of you might have troubles with them. I'm not a mean person, but this subject is now very close of me. So get use to it. I think I have now them well configured, so I have no need to talk them anymore. Now more about You Tube. I have planned to make some own videos with my family video cam, so let the time show if I get something done. I also might need some help with my projects, so if you live near me and want to help me, I'll be pleased.

I might to redo my website. It is not so geeky as it should be. I also need to get some projects finished. Java is one think that I need to learn. I heard that Java is teaching language in the University of Helsinki. I will write more in tomorrow. Comment me, please.

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