The Beginning of this Blog

I have just started to write in Blogger.com like my main blog. I had my own blog-script, but I decided to move in this system. I got this blog-account with my Google-account. I will write here many kind of entries. The subjects are from my life, mostly about computers.

I have successfully upgraded from Edgy to Feisty, which was some kind of challenge too. Feisty is the most recent experimental version of Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I got some problems in Edgy after upgrading to it from Breezy. I have two sound cards in my PC. One integrated to my motherboard and other plugged-in. Edgy wanted to use integrated one, but I have speakers to connected the other one. GLX was also behind of some kind of challenge, but fortunately I monkeyed from the ATI installing guide for Edgy. I have still Dapper on my laptop and wont upgrade it until next LTS Ubuntu. Dapper works fine in my laptop so why to change it?

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