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Today I installed Ubuntu Edgy to my PC. Later yesterday I got every important files and folders in safe on my laptop. Today I ran the installer and rearranged mounting points and other useful things. Next time I can reinstall system without file transfers, which makes my life lots of easier.

Pure Edgy installation finds my sound card. ATI's glx driver fglrx can cause lots of problem on future if ATI developers wont fix them. “In Ubuntu Edgy the Composite extension is enabled by default, however, fglrx does not yet support Composite with DRI.” This is a straight quote from Unofficial Wiki for the ATI Linux Driver.

In the end of the day I got my fglrx drivers working, but that's not all. I had a dream that some day I will get 3D desktop and today was that day. I successfully installed Xgl/Beryl on my PC. It is very huge Eye Candy, but when once get taste of it you can't get over it. Like many people have wrote that Aero is way behind, I can confirm that. I thought my PC will run slower with Xgl/Beryl, but I was wrong. PC run very smoothly and looks nice. I installed that Eye Candy thought the blog of Lennart Hansen. I'm so happy after that installation. First time I tried to install that it was when I configured my new laptop. I didn't know what I need to do getting it working. That cause many problems and huge was that I didn't get longer than grub menu.

My little brother wants that I install Enemy Territory for him, but that would be matter of tomorrow. I also need to continue working.

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