Open Source on my Mind

Yesterday I was translating one open source project called IEs4Linux. It provides Internet Explorer for Linux, which is very handy for me and other web designers. I think that I'm the only Finnish translator of IEs4Linux in these days, so my “works” can be seen in Category:Fi. It is a big pleasure to do something for open source. I start by translating and one day I start to code for them. I might even start an own project. If some of you got interested in that, just inform me and we can plan together. I try to be open mind and use open source as much as possible. People should use open software more than they use now. Some of you might already used one or more open source softwares. Some of you have had troubles with them. Most important thing in the situation like that is to inform the developers. Feedback is very important for developers to make them softwares better.

I had such a wonderful day. Like I told I helped with one open source project, but I met some of my friends. We went out and had some valuable time together. We talked what is going on. We also rented a movie, which wasn't an ordinary movie, but I liked it. I hope that my friends also liked it. I tried to publish this article on 27th day, but I watched Clint Eastwood's movie Space Cowboys. I must go soon to sleep, so this is what I write tonight. I'm sorry that I didn't stay on original plan, which was that I would write on every evening. You can see on Atom feed, when I have new articles. Use that feature, it is very handy.


I have done some work today

I have done some work today like two feedback forms, one for Lohjan Liikuntakeskus Oy and another one for Neidonkeidas. Neidonkeidas is very good modern swim hall in Lohja, it is owned by Lohjan Liikuntakeskus Oy.

I also watched videos in You Tube. I found awesome videos about Xgl and Beryl. Some of you might annoy, when I mention them in every blog. I'm not trying to make you jealous by talking about them and how I get the system working and some of you might have troubles with them. I'm not a mean person, but this subject is now very close of me. So get use to it. I think I have now them well configured, so I have no need to talk them anymore. Now more about You Tube. I have planned to make some own videos with my family video cam, so let the time show if I get something done. I also might need some help with my projects, so if you live near me and want to help me, I'll be pleased.

I might to redo my website. It is not so geeky as it should be. I also need to get some projects finished. Java is one think that I need to learn. I heard that Java is teaching language in the University of Helsinki. I will write more in tomorrow. Comment me, please.


More about Beryl and something about You Tube

Finally I installed Xgl/Beryl on my laptop. Beryl Project provides older version to Dapper than Edgy due the restrictions in basic packages. In the older of Beryl are not so much options to configure. I can't configure my laptop looking so awesome like my PC. I though that my laptop wont run Beryl, but it runs very smooth. It is nice to do some work with it. I also discovered that I can't watch videos with Xgl, because the quality will suffer. I just start bare Gnome, when want to watch them. Not a big deal, but I hope that it will be fixed later for Linux sake.
Beryl on Laptop

I found funny videos from You Tube. HQWolf - Real life Enemy Territory is very funny for ET players. I also found one video about using of Beryl. It is very nice configured and beautiful too. Today I nearly forgot to write on blog and Blogspot was down with Blogger. I hope that my life will become more excite so I have more different kind of subject which to write.


Outdoor Sport

Today I was “skating”. I don't have skates on my own and my knee wouldn't take the pressure, so I “skate” with my shoes. I played ice hockey with my siblings and their friends. It was nice and refreshing. I hadn't spent so much time on my computer today than usually. I got my important files safe to my PC. I also found new effects from beryl. I just need to back up files from my laptop and install same desktop on it.

“Every day in the world of computers is a new adventure.” - Sami Saada


Multimedia on my Laptop

Today I was shopping with my parents. I bought new headset to my laptop, Logitech Internet Chat Headset. Headset has good quality of sound. It has clear and strong voice, when talk with Skype. I also got finally sounds working on Skype. I used instructions from Skype. I also needed reinstall my sound drivers, but it was easy installation, because of Google.

Like I told yesterday, I got my Xgl/Beryl installed. Today I have pictures from it. I have adjusted transparency and some other effects too, so I don't have out-of-box Beryl. I have an Emerald theme, which is very close or same than the default theme of Ubuntu, the Human-theme.

Tomorrow I go to my old school to teach mathematics and chemistry, because there is a teacher absent. I was there on last spring too. I hope that this time it will go much better that last time. At last time we played Hangman and watched Lord of the Ring: Return of King. Now I have change to show my mathematical skills, which is on rust after army. I need to look what subject they have done and that is easy, because my little brother has same teacher as I go to replace for one day. Unfortunately or more likely my brother doesn't have math or chemistry on Tuesday


Back to Edgy

Today I installed Ubuntu Edgy to my PC. Later yesterday I got every important files and folders in safe on my laptop. Today I ran the installer and rearranged mounting points and other useful things. Next time I can reinstall system without file transfers, which makes my life lots of easier.

Pure Edgy installation finds my sound card. ATI's glx driver fglrx can cause lots of problem on future if ATI developers wont fix them. “In Ubuntu Edgy the Composite extension is enabled by default, however, fglrx does not yet support Composite with DRI.” This is a straight quote from Unofficial Wiki for the ATI Linux Driver.

In the end of the day I got my fglrx drivers working, but that's not all. I had a dream that some day I will get 3D desktop and today was that day. I successfully installed Xgl/Beryl on my PC. It is very huge Eye Candy, but when once get taste of it you can't get over it. Like many people have wrote that Aero is way behind, I can confirm that. I thought my PC will run slower with Xgl/Beryl, but I was wrong. PC run very smoothly and looks nice. I installed that Eye Candy thought the blog of Lennart Hansen. I'm so happy after that installation. First time I tried to install that it was when I configured my new laptop. I didn't know what I need to do getting it working. That cause many problems and huge was that I didn't get longer than grub menu.

My little brother wants that I install Enemy Territory for him, but that would be matter of tomorrow. I also need to continue working.


The Beginning of this Blog

I have just started to write in Blogger.com like my main blog. I had my own blog-script, but I decided to move in this system. I got this blog-account with my Google-account. I will write here many kind of entries. The subjects are from my life, mostly about computers.

I have successfully upgraded from Edgy to Feisty, which was some kind of challenge too. Feisty is the most recent experimental version of Ubuntu GNU/Linux. I got some problems in Edgy after upgrading to it from Breezy. I have two sound cards in my PC. One integrated to my motherboard and other plugged-in. Edgy wanted to use integrated one, but I have speakers to connected the other one. GLX was also behind of some kind of challenge, but fortunately I monkeyed from the ATI installing guide for Edgy. I have still Dapper on my laptop and wont upgrade it until next LTS Ubuntu. Dapper works fine in my laptop so why to change it?